MeBilling is committed to providing cost effective and HIPAA compliant medical billing solutions to the doctor’s offices, group practices and even to individual billers and small medical billing companies.

Our experienced professional team has the ability to provide the following services to your office.


Credentialing is the process of review and verification of the information of a health care provider who is interested in participating with Various Insurances in their County.

MeBilling Credentialing Services are expert leaders in Medical Credentialing, provider applications, enrolment forms, verification services, and other medical credential services

MeBilling provider application service processes and files documents for CMS Enrolments, Health Plan Paneling and State Applications etc. by using 855A, 855B, 855R, 8551 and 855S along with other standardized forms to help new and existing individual providers, practitioners, allied professionals, medical groups, surgical centers and clinics to increase their productivity and profitability.

The process begins with requesting Credentialing Application Kits from all the commercial and government health Insurances.  After submitting the signed applications we follow-up with the payers to retrieve the Provider or Group ID # confirming that the doctor is participating with the insurance.  We also give bi-weekly status updates to the provider until an effective date of enrollment is determined so the provider can begin claim submission.

Our services includes!

  1. Credentialing Verification
  2. Commercial Payer Enrollment
  3. CMOs and IPA
  4. Medicare & Medicaid Enrollment
  5. CAQH Credentialing

Patient Enrollment

Since the entire procedure for the enrolment of patients for the purpose of communication between physicians and their patients is considered to be a time taking procedure, it has received increasing attention. In response, MeBilling has structured a team of professionals for streamlining the entire process.

Our enrolment staffs keep an active track on every patient, making sure the patient information is not being duplicated to maintain data integrity.

Smart Scheduling

Today, patients expect a level of service which helps them utilize their time the right way. One important way to achieve this is to perfect the art of scheduling patient visits, so that your practice is busy, but is not overbooked.

Perfecting the art of scheduling patients so your practice is busy but not overbooked will keep patients happy and revenue stable. We on the other hand are respectful of both the physicians' and patients' time. Neither physicians nor patients like to be kept waiting. It is very expensive for the practice to have a physician available with no patients to see. It can be just as costly to the practice when patients, faced with unreasonably long times to see the physician, decide to find a new doctor.

The promising services of our Smart Scheduling system make sure that every minute of your time is being utilized in the right direction.

Improve in Patient Volume by predicting No-Show and Cancelation of appointment our services allows to optimize appointment density that improves access to care while reducing in-office wait time. 

Appointment Reminders

Our Customizable reminder system provides you the facility to remind your patients about their appointment so that they come in on time and you get maximum profit by providing them services.

  1. Real time Phone Reminder
  2. Reminder Texting System
  3. Email Reminder System

Eligibility Verification

According to industry sources, 25% of all health care claim denials are because a patient is not eligible for services billed to the insurer by the provider. Often, a patient would be ineligible for benefits because his or her policy has been terminated or modified etc.

MeBilling can help practices dramatically reduce their accounts receivable cycle and increase revenue, by significantly reducing the impact of ineligibility, and increasing the number of "clean" claims that are sent to insurers (i.e., claims that are both complete, and are only for patients who are eligible for benefits). 

MeBilling has an efficient team of callers which ensures the eligibility of patients in the insurance companies along with keeping a day to day track on the progress through our online system.

Insurance Authorizations

Medical insurance authorization for hospitals was never as easy as it is now with the help of MeBilling. Whether you are seeking cardiology authorization or neurology precertification; DME authorization, and authorization for Surgery, Nuclear Medicine, Orthopedics etc., MeBilling would make the entire process more of a cake walk for you?

Few of the many benefits you get includes:

- Reduced time on phone - you don't need to follow the insurance companies, as the service provider would do it for you.

-Centralized On Demand Assistance - for coordinating all requests and communication with insurance agencies/companies, appeals and missing information etc.

- Reduced paper - since the online radiology authorization experts maintain all your authorization records electronically, paper work would be reduced automatically.

A/R Collections

Accounts receivable collections is an important function and necessary to the health of any business. In today's business environment, maintaining a Strong Cash Flow is the essence of growth and success. 

Health Care is valued for its straightforward approach, integrity, and quality of service. We pride ourselves on becoming familiar with each client’s unique circumstances, being able to give prudent and effective Medical Billing services, and helping each client meet its particular goals which results into a noticeable change in the AR Collections.

Our proven methodology of follow-up calling, Denial management/Resubmission and Insurance Appeals has made its mark in the AR Collections sector. Our expert and professional team of Medical Billing and Follow-up callers will ensure a decrease in your aging report upto 10%.

Virtual Secretary

In this virtual world, we now have the opportunity to assist our clients regardless of their location Today, outsourcing is an important way of doing business and our Virtual Secretarial Service will enable you to concentrate on your business, confident in the knowledge that you are being professionally supported. 

We are a business solution with a flexible approach and work to meet your requirements and at times which suit you. 

Just to name a few tasks which you can easily streamline with the help a Virtual Secretary.

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Coordinating with Attorneys and Insurance Companies
  • Co-pay collection report
  • Credentialing
  • Patient Invoicing

And many more...

Data Entry

Medical data entry is considered a tedious process. It requires high level patience and concentration. Outsourcing of medical data entry is the ideal way to get the cumbersome work done. 

If you are a medical professional looking for a quality service provider in medical data entry, then you won't find a better one than MeBilling. We have years of experience in the field of medical data entry services, which includes Demographic Entry, Charge Entry I.C.Ds & C.P.T entries, E.O.B Postings, and the like providing an accuracy level of 99.99%

Being a professional in the field, MeBilling covers a wide spectrum of medical data entry solutions. Our systematically managed medical data entry solutions and services will help you to manage all your medical records and data efficiently.