MeBilling team has a proven track record of enhancing physicians’ revenues. We ensure increased net collections, reductions in accounts receivable, significant improvements in productivity and all this at considerably low costs.

Our experience and knowledge is our main source of an increase in our client-age every year. MeBilling Specializes in strengthening the financial roots of Doctors by applying unique cost effective factors.

Our medical billing expertise are not limited to a single Chiropractor or a certain Practice. We have embedded our roots into practices where doctors are not only dealing with patients covered by a private insurance company but also government insurances. Medicare, Medicaid, Blue cross, United Healthcare can be taken as an example

Besides physicians’ offices, we have enabled many billers to focus on business development and transfer their operational burdens to us. Our business model for billers has helped them lower their costs, improve productivity, increase efficiencies and enhance their revenues. Billers trust us a reliable and professional partner in their business growth.

For one of our clients, a pain specialist based out of Sherwood, AR we raised the practice collections from $25K to $125K and then maintained the collections in the range of $70K to $80K. We achieved these results by aggressive insurance follow-ups and catching-up the backlog and chasing the denied claims.

We helped a medical billing company, based out of New York, increase revenues by 40% in a matter of 3 months. The billers moved their routine operational matters to our professional team, thereby, allowing them to focus on growing their business.